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Ceresit had brought into construction industry a steady stream of innovative products backed by more than 100 years of tradition and experience. It had started in 1905 and now a part of the Henkel Group. Today, Ceresit is internationally recognised brand offering a wide range of high-quality product and systems. Ceresit's offer of specialised products and solutions is based on consistent quality and long-time experience gained in the course of its history to satisfy the needs of the construction industry.

With the stringent quality control in development and production, and continuous process optimisation, Ceresit meets the demands of the construction industry and sets the highest of standards. This means assurance, durability and optimum value retention for customers and their building projects. You can buy high quality Ceresit products at Facade Shop, especially for External Wall Insulation (EWI).

Ceresit's innovative products benefit workers and users, with their safer working conditions or improved indoor air quality and the elimination of mould infestations. Specific product solutions -- external thermal insulation systems -- enable the end-user to save on energy costs and actively contribute to environmental protection. 

Types of Products

  • Adhesive mortars,
  • Adhesive rendering mortars,
  • Mineral Renders,
  • Priming Paints,
  • Priming Additives,
  • Facade paints,
  • Glass-fibre Mesh,
  • Polystyrene insulation boards.

Adhesive mortars, Adhesive rendering mortars

Ceresit ZU Base Coat Render and Mesh Adhesive is specially made to be used for fixing of polystyrene external wall insulation boards and for fixing the reinforcing protection mesh onto the boards. It is very flexible, has excellent adhesion and weatherproof. This mortar can be machine applied. Suitable for insulating the newly constructed buildings as well as refurbishments.

Ceresit CT 190 Flex Adhesive and Reinforcing Mortar is used for fixing of mineral wool facade boards and to embed the reinforcing protection mesh. This adhesive is strengthened with fibres and has a high resistance to mechanical damages, high adhesion to mineral substrates and wool, resistant to scratches and cracks. It is resistant to weather conditions, yet vapour permeable and very easy to work with. 

Ceresit CT 84 Express PU-adhesive used for fixing of polystyrene external wall insulation boards to substrate. Approximately 2 hours after the application, the polystyrene boards may be smoothed, anchored and, then the armoured mesh cane be embedded with the Ceresit CT 85, CT 87. It can be used from 0°C and at high humidity – especially recommended for work in low temperature when cement based adhesives drying time is significantly longer.

External Wall Insulation (EWI) Renders

Ceresit CT34 Mineral Render is used for rendering external surfaces and also as a filler. It can also be used to repairing traditional and cement-lime renders of external and internal surfaces of buildings. Ceresit CT34 can be applied in thin layers on the substrate, to maximum thickness up to 5 mm.

Ceresit CT137 Mineral Render is used for making thin layer plasters on concrete substrates, traditional plasters, gypsum substrates and gypsum boards, gypsum-fibre boards, etc. The plaster CT137 is manufactured in several colours.

Ceresit CT72 Silicate render would give a stone like facade is available in grain sizes of 1.5 mm or 2.5 mm. This decorative thin-layer render is highly vapour permeable and durable and is resistant to damage and cleaning. CT72 has a high resistant to weather conditions, resistant to the development of fungus, algae and mould.  CT72 is available in full palette of Ceresit Colours of Nature and can be machine applied.

Ceresit CT74 Silicone render is available in grain 1.5 mm or 2.5 mm is a decorative thin-layer plaster for indoor and outdoor applications. It is highly resistant to dirt (self-cleaning effect), highly elastic and impact resistant, and has high stability of colour. CT74 has a high resistant to weather conditions – resistant to the development of fungus, algae and mould. It can be machine applied. CT74 is available in full palette of Ceresit Colours of Nature. 

Ceresit CT174 combines good qualities of silicate plaster and silicone plaster.  CT174 is used for making thin-layer renders and is a recommended render for expanded polystyrene and mineral wool external insulation boards. It is highly vapour permeable and durable, resistant to damage and cleaning. CT174 has a high resistant to weather conditions – resistant to the development of fungus, algae and mould. It can be machine applied. 

Ceresit CT77 Mosaic Render is used for applying decorative colourful renders to external wall insulation systems. Transparent silicone-acrylic resins are the binder of Ceresit CT77 and coloured quartz gravels size 1.0-1.6 mm or 1.4-2.0 mm are the fillers. This material is designed for applying with a steel long float. CT77 is especially recommended to be applied to the exposed to abrasion walls inside the buildings, such as at the entrance, corridors, staircases. Outside the buildings, CT77 is recommended on the substrates easy to get dirty: on the pedestals, railings, door and window frames.

Ceresit CT136 Dry Dash Receiver is a polymer modified cement based render suitable for use as a top coat for External Wall Insulation Systems. Ceresit CT136 can be used as a top coat to receive a Dry dash finish using  decorative aggregates, or floated up to provide a thick render ready to receive a textured synthetic finish. It is very easy to apply and eliminates inaccurate site mixing. It is formulated to give a longer open time to receive dashing aggregate and can be applied in a 6mm coat. Available in a range of colours.


Ceresit CT16 Primer is ready-to-use homogeneous primer that gives a very good covering and very easy to apply. CT16 primer is waterproof, has higher adhesion of the plaster to the substrates. It is recommended for priming the reinforced layers in EWI systems. Priming substrates with CT16 considerably decreases paint absorption, prevents from too fast drying. The fine aggregates included in CT16 make the primed surfaces rough and scratch resistant. The surface is expanded and increases the adhesion of the renders, putties and paints. Ceresit CT16 prevent formation of stains on the coloured acrylic, mineral and silicone plasters.

Ceresit produces paints, glass fibre mesh, expanding foam, water proofing cementitious products, cleaners, impregnation agents, insulating board among many products. Please call.

CT174 Ceresit Silicate-Silicone Render 1.5mm grain 25kg
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CT17 Ceresit Primer - Profi Deep-penetrating 5L
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Brand: Ceresit Model: CT17 - 5litres
Delivery Time: 5 - 7 days
Primer - Profi Deep-penetrating..
Ceresit CR65 Cementitious Waterproofing Slurry 25kg
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Brand: Ceresit Model: CR65
Delivery Time: 2 - 3 Days
Cementitious Waterproofing Slurry..
Ceresit CT 240 Winter Additive for Wet Renders & Paints 100ml
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Brand: Ceresit Model: CT240
Delivery Time: 2 - 4 days
Winter Additive for Wet Renders & Paints..
Ceresit PU Profi Foam Cleaner Professional 500ml
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Ceresit WhiteTeQ Polymer Insulation Foam 750ml
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Brand: Ceresit Model: Ceresit WhiteTeq
Delivery Time: In stock, 1-2 days
Ceresit WhiteTeQ is white polymer foam of a new generation polyurethane, based on purified and concentrated ingredients to achieve improved performance. The WhiteTeQ polymer purification Technology gives the foam its characteristic ice-white colour, an extra-fine cell structure and enhanced UV ..
Ceresit CT137 Mineral Render - Stone Texture 1.5 mm grain 25kg
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