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Insulated Render

Insulated Render

EWI - Insulated Render Systems

External wall insulation systems function as a thermal insulator and a layer of protection against the elements. The EWI is then finished with a cement based, mineral or synthetic render to give your build the aesthetic look you want

As well as increasing thermal insulation and providing protection, an EWI - Insulated Render System also provides exceptional sound insulation. The external render is also used to prevent the build-up of moisture in the external walls which reduces the risk of condensation and extends the life of the structure.

External wall insulation systems

  • Polystyrene insulation - a dense and lightweight material, inexpensive,  with excellent thermal insulation properties and moisture resistant.
  • Phenolic insulation - a rigid insulating foam that has very good thermal insulating properties. 
  • PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulation - a highly efficient and lightweight material with excellent thermal insulation properties.
  • Mineral wool and Glass wool - a breathable, vapour resistant, fireproof insulation material

Types of Render Finish

  • Acrylic renders
  • Mosaic renders
  • Mineral renders
  • Silicone renders
  • Silicate Renders
12.5mm Cement Board Knauf Aquapanel Exterior - 1200 x 900mm
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Brand: Knauf Model: 1200x900mm - 1.08m2
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Cement Board..
Ceresit CT 240 Winter Additive for Wet Renders & Paints 100ml
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Brand: Ceresit Model: CT240
Delivery Time: 2 - 4 days
Winter Additive for Wet Renders & Paints..
Ceresit CT137 Mineral Render - Stone Texture 1.5 mm grain 25kg
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Ceresit CT74 Silicone Render - Stone Texture 1.5mm grain 25kg
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