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Etex Exteriors

Etex Exteriors offers fibre-cement weatherboard cladding systems that has the visual appeal of natural timber, Cedral Lap, the tradional lap system and Cedral Click, the flush tongue and groove  system. They also offer all elements of a roofing system, fibre cement slates, shingles, profiled sheeting to roofing accessories and battens.

Etex Exteriors had become the market leader in the cladding and roofing industry in UK. It has built its reputation on quality of the product. It is also committed to stay environmentally friendly and use sustainable manufacturing. Etex Exteriors invests in innovation to create the highest quality, hardest wearing and most aesthetically pleasing products. Its innovative and market-leading products are fully supported by an easily accessible technical services and expert support to meet the needs of customers from across the construction industry. Etex Exteriors works and cooperates with a number of organisations within the construction industry. It was awarded the coveted ServiceMark accreditation from the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) for its commitment to deliver a world class customer service.

Cedral Lap System

Cedral Click System

Cedral Click Clips and Screws (50 pcs)
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