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Ceresit CT16 Primer White 5kg

Ceresit CT16 Primer White 5kg
Ceresit CT16 Primer White 5kg
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  • Model: 5 kg
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Ceresit CT16 Primer White 5kg

Container Coverage: 10m2
Density: 1.58kg/m3
Weight: 5kg
Volume: 3.33 litres
Application Temperature: +5 to +35
Drying time: 15 mins
Colour: White
Resistant to rain: 24 to 48 hours

Ceresit CT16 is designed for priming substrates before the application of renders, finishes and paint coats. It facilitates the application and texturing of plasters, optimizes the drying process and improves the plaster-to-substrate adhesion. Provides a uniform substrate, prevents stain build-up on thin-coat and coloured plasters. Designed for brush application on mesh-reinforced layers when insulating walls with Ceresit Ceretherm Systems and on traditional indoor/outdoor plasters.


  • Easier application of render
  • Improves the adhesion between ETICS system layers
  • Low absorbency and vapour permeability
  • Easier application of plasters
  • Perfect final effect of the finishing layer
  • Ready to use, can be applied with roller or brush
  • High opacity
  • High adhesion to the substrate


  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Insulated renders
  • External wall insulation systems