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SpeedLine SPS50 C Stud

SpeedLine SPS50 C Stud
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SpeedLine SPS50 C Stud
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  • Model: 32/34mm Flange 50mm x 3600mm

SpeedLine SPS50 C Stud - 32/34mm Flange 50mm x 3600mm

SPT52 Track 25mm leg is standard track, with tapered legs to enable friction fitting of studs and can be used for partition heights under 4m.


Quick to erect, lightweight and cleanServices are easy to installAcoustic insulation can easily be installed to uprate sound insulationEasy to cut to length using tin snipsFrames easily fit togetherDoor frames simply formedRange of UKAS accredited tests available

An economical friction-fit system to assemble frames for strong, compact, lightweight non load-bearing partitions, Speedline Partitioning Systems are ideal for use in domestic and commercial situations.

All electrical services should be suitably protected when passing through floor and wiring channels.