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Hydralime Hydrated Lime 25kg

Hydralime Hydrated Lime 25kg
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Hydralime Hydrated Lime 25kg
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  • Product Code: U1611
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  • Model: 25kg
  • Weight: 25.00kg
Hydralime may be used with Procem, Mastercrete, General Purpose Cement, Snowcrete and Sulfacrete. Hydralime improves the cohesion, workability, plasticity and long term durability of Mortars and Renders when used. Note that as Hydralime is non-hydraulic, it is not suitable for use in mortars and renders without a Portland cement.
  • For use in cement, sand and lime mortars and renders
  • May be used with procem, mastercrete, general purpose cement, snowcrete and sulfacrete
  • Fine dry white powder that lightens mortars
  • Eases floating renders and pointing mortars
  • High calcium
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior use
  • Use with Portland cement
  • Conforms to BS EN 459-1 and CL 90-S