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Röben Aarhus Gray and White Brick

Röben Aarhus Gray and White Brick
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Röben Aarhus Gray and White Brick
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Röben Aarhus Gray and White Brick

Fashionable, universal light gray color.

The combination with an interesting structure of the face, rough and full of irregularities, undoubtedly provides it its uniqueness. It will interest those investors who are looking for products with the highest aesthetic and technical values for their projects.

1. Universal color

2. Irregular, rough structure

3. Ideally blends in modern architecture

4. High technical parameters of tiles


Perforation: B, rectangular

Total sectiony: about 31 %

External wall: ≥ 20 mm

Bulk density: about 1,80 kg/dm³

Density of the material: about 2,30 kg/dm³

Compressive strength class: > 100N/mm²

Absorbability: about 2,5 %

Mohs hardness scale: 6-7

Color durability and lightfastness: yes

Heat transfer coefficient in accordance with DIN 4108: 0,81 W/(mK)